When should I sell my property?

Knowing when to sell your property can be a tough decision. As there are a multitude of reasons that can prompt a decision to sell, my simple advice is to sell when your personal circumstances allow you the best chance of a great outcome.

What I mean by this is that you should always take into account what is going on in your life and appreciate the amount of upheaval that committing fully to a sale process can take.

You need to be ready to have your house looking its best for open homes and inspections and the more flexible you are, the better the chance of a great outcome.

Maybe you want to avoid your teenager’s exams or a particularly busy period at your work?

As to when the best time of year to sell is, there really is no hard and fast rule that says one time of year is better than another.

You cannot accurately predict how external factors will impact on the market so you could wait for a particular time of year and find that buyer sentiment is impacted and it has not worked out for you.

In a nutshell, I would say there is no particular time of year that is preferable but rather you should aim to sell when the timing suits you and your personal circumstances. Ultimately, a well presented, priced and marketed house can achieve the right result at any time of year.

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