Preparing your property for sale

It is important that you understand that you are selling what is, most probably, your biggest asset. To achieve the best price, it is essential that your property looks as good as it can.

Attention to detail at this point can add real value to your home and can mean tens of thousands of dollars added to your selling price.

This does not mean you need to rush off and incur large monetary expense – it is more about time. By investing time now, you can vastly improve your outcome.

Here are my top tips for preparing your property:

1. Give your house a thorough clean. This will invariably point to where more work needs to be done.

2. Declutter your house as much as possible and present rooms with a clear purpose. Quite often buyers will find it hard to visualise your property in any configuration other than how it is presented. Plus, you need to pack to move anyway!

3. Inspect your property thoroughly for major, and minor, maintenance issues and get them fixed. You can be sure a buyer will find them and try to use them to negotiate on the price.

4. Make your property as neutral as possible without making it bland. Find colour in soft furnishings rather than in brightly painted walls.

5. First impressions count, so make sure the path to the front door, the door itself and the first steps into the property are as welcoming and impressive as possible.

If in doubt, ask an expert for advice before you spend any money.

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