Methods of Sale

There’s more than one way to sell your property, and you should discuss with your agent what options are available to you.

The two most effective methods that are currently used in the market place today are noted below.


Preceded by a well-planned marketing campaign, auctions can create a sense of urgency amongst buyers, build competition and generate a sale price beyond what may otherwise be achieved.

Other key advantages of an auction sale are:

• By auction you sell to a plan, not by luck. Definite marketing strategies are designed to ensure the best possible result for your property.

• Auction speeds up the entire marketing process by creating a sense of urgency in the buyer’s mind.

• Qualified buyers will compete against each other instead of you.

• Competitive bidding raises the price, instead of negotiating it down.

• You are protected by your confidential reserve price.

• Auction attracts genuine buyers who are in a position to sign a contract and pay a 10% deposit immediately – there is no “cooling off” period.

Private Treaty

This method offers the advantage of an advertised asking price and allows those searching for a home time to make appropriate enquiries.

Prior to the commencement of the marketing campaign your agent will consult with you to establish an appropriate asking price, usually with some allowance for negotiation. The campaign should aim to attract multiple buyers and create heightened levels of competition for your property.

Other key advantages of a private treaty sale are:

• You set the price at which the property is to be offered.

• Offers from purchasers can be considered at leisure.

 • You can determine the pace of the sale process.

• The pace of negotiations can be controlled.

• Private treaty can sometimes be a less stressful experience.

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