Marketing Your Property

Before going on the market, your agent will discuss the different marketing avenues and options available for your property. If you have chosen the right agent you will have a clearly defined strategy in place to ensure you reach all of the potential buyers in the marketplace.

Marketing is a significant element in the presentation of the property and should be considered a strategic investment in the process of selling.

First impressions count, and photos are the very first thing that buyers use to determine whether or not they will come and view the property.

In fact, buyers look for a reason to not come, so bad photos are sometimes worse than no photos at all!

Marketing options may include:

 • Professional photography to showcase your property

 • A detailed floorplan of your property

 • Professional copywriting to describe your property

There are a range of online advertising options, the two main websites at this point in time are:

As technology is changing, other avenues are becoming available and can also be discussed with your agent.

Other traditional marketing options may include:

 • Signboard outside your property (it works for you 24 hours a day)

 • Brochures/flyers

 • Local real estate magazines and newspapers

 • The agent’s contacts and database

  • Contact Premier Real Estate Agents regarding your enquiry.